I grew up with an interest in photography. I always loved taking pictures of my own and for others. I knew I had more imagination than others and that I was very creative. This led me to Westwood College, where I received a Graphic Design degree. 

After I graduated college, it was really hard finding a job in my field. I finally landed a "Photographer" job in the city of Chicago. There, I learned how to interact with people, how to be around children, and how to work the basics of a camera. I grew so much love for being behind the camera, and was devastated when my boss told me they were relocating to Greece. There I was again, jobless. 

I was gifted a DSLR one day, and I was suddenly reminded of the fun I had at my last job taking pictures. I felt confident and was comfortable behind the camera. It was then when I decided, "It's time to do my own thing". I have been providing professional photography services to families, models, other business, etc. 

I love what I do and I hope my work speaks to you as well!